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The New Way to Fax

Our online fax service surpasses traditional fax messaging in so many ways. For years, it was only possible to send messages from one fax machine to another, amassing costs associated with paper, ink, toner, maintenance, and telephone accounts. Time and energy were also wasted, since faxing from one machine to another was often interrupted by busy signals and lost connections. The Fax.com online fax service, however, eliminates these expenditures and offers advanced support. Optimal mobility is found through the ability to send and receive faxes wherever you may access your email account, and account restrictions allow for confidentiality not possible with traditional faxing.

Our online fax service provides simple registration and unparalleled support thereafter, ensuring your faxing needs never go unmet. Enjoy the freedom of low costs, the ability to send and receive as many as 300 fax messages per month, a local or toll-free number, and extensive file support.