Benefits of Internet Fax Services
  • Ability to send faxes from any computer
  • Send multiple messages at once
  • Neither paper nor ink required
  • No fax machines
  • No busy signals
  • No dedicated phone line
  • Speedier faxing process
  • Lower phone account costs
  • Faxes may be received even when a computer is turned off
  • Improved confidentiality with only account holders granted message access
Before Internet Fax Services

The first faxing patent was issued in the mid 1840s, but it wasn't until the 1970s that developed technologies allowed for faxing to become a mainstream form of communication. Using a scanner, phone, printer, and modem, the modern fax machine requires many costly resources, including a phone line, ink, paper, and maintenance. With advances made in every other arena of communication, however, traditional faxing has not escaped betterment. As of late, Internet fax services provide an improved alternative, offering many benefits over the dated ways held for over the past 30 years.