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Settings and Reports

How do I change my preferences for the way I receive and send a fax online?
You may change your account settings to reflect your personal preferences when sending or receiving a fax to email message.
Inbound Setting changes may affect the file type in which faxes are delivered, where faxes are delivered, file size limits, notifications, and fax storage. Setting your Inbound preferences is simple.

Available Inbound Fax to Email Settings

File formatSelect to receive faxes in either a PDF or TIF image
File delivery location
Web Inbox ONLY Faxes delivered to the online Web inbox
Web Inbox AND Email Faxes delivered via email and available via the online Web inbox
File size Select your ideal file size limit. Faxes exceeding this limit will be accessible via the Web inbox and an email notification will be sent to you. A 30-day limit is set on fax storage, and a small fee per fax per month may be applied.
Your Outbound Settings may also be altered to reflect your preferences for how your faxes are sent.
Available Outbound Fax to Email Settings
Security Beyond our automatic validation of a FROM address for email faxes, privacy may be increased through password protection. If this feature is used, you must include ONLY the password in the Subject line of the email.
Attachments Select this feature otherwise email attachments will be ignored
Format Select the Email Body to be delivered in one of three ways:
As cover page Included as the message section
As first page Included as the first page of the fax
No Ignored altogether
Email Notifications Opt to return a delivery status to a sender or other recipient indicating success, failure, both, or not at all. Delivery status is available for 7 days in our Web interface’s Sent Folder.
Acknowledgements Notifies our recipient of your email to send a fax, sent via email after the fax completes, and may be sent based on whether a fax succeeds, fails, both, or not at all. Delivery status is available for 7 days in our Web interface’s Sent Folder
You may also choose to alter your account’s General Settings, which typically affect your CSID and Cover Letter preferences.
Available General Fax to Email Settings
CSID The CSID (Calling Station Identification) is an electronic identifier sent with outbound faxes, usually the first 20 characters of your company name or fax number, which does not appear in the fax header line. This setting also controls the number of records displayed on a single page, as well as all folders and the records displayed in the Sent Folder and Address Book.
Time Zone Control times and dates to display in your specified time zone, affecting both inbound and outbound faxes.