Receive and Send a Fax Online
How do I receive and send a fax online via email?

With the ability to send and receive faxes via email, our email fax services are simply, speedy, and secure.

To send a fax with our email fax services.

Step 1
Enter the address of your fax recipient in the TO: field, using our standard format of 1 + area code + number +;
Step 2
Enter a subject, which will appear on the cover page, and note that you need only include the password in the subject field if password protection is enabled
Step 3
Enter your fax message in the body of your email
Step 4
Add any necessary attachments, which will be included in your final fax message
Step 5
Send your fax email message, which will be converted to a fax document, before delivery to your fax recipient. A confirmation email will be sent upon delivery

To receive a fax with our email fax services.

Step 1
A fax message will be sent to you as an email attachment based on your preference settings
Step 2
Fax attachments will be sent in either a PDF or TIF version, and after opening your attachments, you have the option to either save, print, or forward your fax message